Wick Fuel

Wick Fuel

Adjustable Wick Chafing fuel products is easy for taking and safe for using,the liquid fuel inside is called Diethylene Glycol,or DEG in short, it is non flammable,and can be used indoor or our door DEG liquid fuel with wick 1.Burns up completely 2.Adjustable wick length,equal flame temperature burning 3.Burns without soot or odour 4. Safe to use,cans stay cool enough to tough safety

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ItemDEG Chafing Fuel With Wick
Can MaterialTin plate
LiquidDEG fuel
Burning time 6Hours
Labelcould provide customer's own label.
PackageIn carton

Usage(safety and environmental): It is easy to remove and easy to light.Could be the heating fuel, warm food, chafing dish fuel, outside picnic fuel, we suggest you to place the cap aside for later re-capping and storage, you can  adjust the wick more longer when heating, or get separated, then can get more power. 

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adjustable wick chafing fuel 2hoursadjustable wick chafing fuel 4hoursadjustable wick chafing fuel 6hours


1.Burns up completely

2.Adjustable wick length,equal flame temperature burning 

3.Burns without soot or odour 

4. Safe to use,cans stay cool enough to tough safety 


In carton, 24pcs/ctn,  can depend on client's special requirement.

 adjustable wick chafing fuel

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Huali has been manufacturing high quality chafing fuel products for over 15 years, our products ranging from wick fuel and gel fuel to various cans&parts. With continuous innovation on production lines, we dedicated to providing high and stable quality products to the customers from all over the world. Making all cans and parts by own enable us to do all the orders very flexible and efficient. The strict inspection standard make us to be at the top of the quality control

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